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March 2, 2016

Gorgeous gradients

Art is pattern informed by sensibility.
~ Sir Herbert Edward Read
©Brittany Wright, Food Gradients 10
Many years ago, I read that when planting spring bulbs such as crocuses or daffodils, there was only one way to achieve the look of a “wild” flower bed - gather all the bulbs in a pail, gently upend over the area to be planted, and sow the bulbs where they fell. Planting the flowers individually to create a natural-looking, random design would be an exercise in frustration. Despite best efforts, the human mind seeks order and creates patterns, whether we wish it to or not.

This longing for order might explain the joy found in minute, daily acts of pattern-making, in sorting and arranging any collection that is disparate in color or size. Grouping gummy bears by color and forming a “rainbow”; grading berries by ripeness and eating from the worst to the best - I enjoyed doing this as a child, and I still occasionally indulge in the desire to reduce universal entropy.

©Brittany Wright, Food Gradients 8
Ms. Brittany Wright, of Wright Kitchen, has turned the simple joy of orderly patterns into glorious art. Ms. Wright‘s photographs, painstakingly arranged, showcase nature's riot of colors balanced in perfect counterpoint to man's desire for order.

©Brittany Wright, Tomato Gradients v.2
©Brittany Wright, Tomato Gradients v.1
©Brittany Wright, Food Gradient 4
Subjects reappear in different compositions, and, when grouped thematically (tomatoes, leafy greens), it is easy to find a pair or even trio of complementary images.

©Brittany Wright, Rainbow Shard Gradients
©Brittany Wright, Food Gradients 5

The photos would make a gorgeous gift for someone who loves to cook (or eat!).

©Brittany Wright, Laughing Cow Cheese

Several would make a fun addition to a child's room, and any one of them would create a joyful burst of color to any decor1.

©Brittany Wright, Blueberry Gradients

©Brittany Wright, Melted Popsicle Gradients

Ms. Wright2 sells prints of her work starting at 60 dollars. To peruse the complete portfolio, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

©Brittany Wright, Carrot Gradients

1For maximum visual impact, use a much larger white frame with a wide mat.
2I am not compensated to promote Ms. Wright's work, nor do I know her personally.

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